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Fall 2022

What a joy to come up here after a successful summer season. Gratitude to our guests and Ray and Angela at Wind & Waves who help us keep the wheels greased and the bills paid!

Upper Bench trail ride.

Driveway railing from an old power pole.

Recording some songs!

2022 Hornby Fall Fair. Dr. Walford is retiring from his (mobile) dental practice.

Excited for spring 2023! I <3 Hornby!

Yer Mom Extreme Bike Trail

So that’s what those double diamonds  on the trail map mean! I had never seen this before today. In the midst of a mildly grueling (my choice, there are miles of mellower bike/hike trails as well) I discovered the Yer Mom trail today. Shout out to the parks people who maintain these awesome trails!
Hornby trail map at TrailForks.com.
Mount Geoffrey Recreation Trails brochure (pdf).
Another trail brochure (pdf).

Yer Mom Bike Trail, Hornby Island
Yer Mom Bike Trail, Hornby Island

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Our Cabin on Hornby

[Scroll down for latest news.] A spacious deck, perfect for relaxing. Great hikes and bike trails nearby.  Sleeping four adults very comfortably.  Competitive rates. If you have any questions about renting our cabin please email me John[at]hornbyvacationrentals[dot]com. Bookings are handled by WindWaves.ca, who have been managing vacation rentals on Hornby since 1995. You can email them at: hornbywindwaves@gmail.com. (Click photos for larger sizes).


Deck 2015deck2

Deck from cabin interior.

A deer in the roses! Deer pass through the yard daily.

It’s for this reason we don’t feel comfortable allowing pets.


Tribune BaytribuneBike

Looking North from Outer Ridge TrailLooking North from Outer Ridge Trail