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Spring 2023

I’ve been up sine early May getting the place spruced up and enjoying this magical island.
How the deck looks after a long winter of rain.

Oyster mushrooms again this year. Yum!

Some days later.

Herons at Phipps Point.

Phipps Sunset.

Aww! Daily visits (as long as there are no dogs up in the neighborhood).

Joe King has a new fence around the ballpark. Community!

Fairy portal, but I’m sworn to secrecy.

Flowers starting to come in now. So much sun this spring!

New sign.

The Buck stops here.

A lot of cleaning.

Springtime cabin.

Pip’s Place 2021

I’m remiss in getting a post up to let folks know all is well and on schedule for the 2021 season. I’ve been up since mid May getting the cabin spruced up.  My brother and his girlfriend are also up, over at Big Trib today soaking up some beautiful weather.
Things started a little slower than usual when B.C. asked that folks avoid travel until after the Victoria Day holiday, but I can report that things have been picking up at the Co-op since last weekend.
Enjoy your stay, and please feel free to write me with comments and suggestions.

Phipps Point, Summer Solstice 2021
Sharp-shinned hawk
Keep an eye out for this Sharp-shinned hawk.
Backyard fawn with Foxgloves
Off the left-hand path at Helliwell.
Paddle board sunset, Phipps Point, 6/16/21

Hornby 2020!

Hi folks! Interesting times!
We are carefully monitoring the situation but anticipating a modified summer season here on Hornby.
If you are planning to be a guest at Pip’s you should know that you are required to provide all your own bedding this season including pillows, sheets, comforters etc. You will like to know that the cleaning procedures for between guests will be very robust and thorough (it’s a three page pdf that has been developed for the summer rental community).

I have also been instructed to remove all our beloved tchotchkes that adorn the window sills etc. To make cleaning easier. So the cabin will appear much more sparse. (I know, some folks would prefer that anyway ;-).

I’m busy as a bee getting the cabin up to snuff.

Hornby 2019!

It’s starting to feel a lot like Hornby! Beautiful weather we’ve had this spring. I’ve been up since the beginning of May getting the cabin ship-shape. This lovely rose bush is on the deck of the Cardboard House Bakery, which I’m sad to report has closed permanently. I did see a sign for a new pizza oven just down the road at a winery. Will report back when I have  sampled their wares.

hornby island cardboard house bakery rose bush

And while I’m thinking of it… Unless your day starts at 5 AM you might want to consider bringing along a sleep mask. There are a lot of windows, also skylights in the cabin so if you’re a night owl like me, a sleeping mask is essential. They sell them at the Co-op.