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Pip’s Place 2021

I’m remiss in getting a post up to let folks know all is well and on schedule for the 2021 season. I’ve been up since mid May getting the cabin spruced up.  My brother and his girlfriend are also up, over at Big Trib today soaking up some beautiful weather.
Things started a little slower than usual when B.C. asked that folks avoid travel until after the Victoria Day holiday, but I can report that things have been picking up at the Co-op since last weekend.
Enjoy your stay, and please feel free to write me with comments and suggestions.

Phipps Point, Summer Solstice 2021
Sharp-shinned hawk
Keep an eye out for this Sharp-shinned hawk.
Backyard fawn with Foxgloves
Off the left-hand path at Helliwell.
Paddle board sunset, Phipps Point, 6/16/21