Yer Mom Extreme Bike Trail

So that’s what those double diamonds¬† on the trail map mean! I had never seen this before today. In the midst of a mildly grueling (my choice, there are miles of mellower bike/hike trails as well) I discovered the Yer Mom trail today. Shout out to the parks people who maintain these awesome trails!
Hornby trail map at
Mount Geoffrey Recreation Trails brochure (pdf).
Another trail brochure (pdf).

Yer Mom Bike Trail, Hornby Island
Yer Mom Bike Trail, Hornby Island

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More Hornby Summer 2014

It’s not difficult to find a bit of your own beach on Hornby.

I’ll take the high road. Middle Bench Trail starting from top of Mount Rd.

Baseball, all are welcome, Sunday afternoons at Joe King Park.

20140725groupArtShow3 20140725groupArtShow4
Group art show at the Community Hall

20140725summerEveningKayak 20140725summerEveningKayak2
Summer evening water fun.

Live music at The Bakery.

The Market, every Wednesday and Saturday, art and fresh food for sale.

Perfect weather, hot and sunny means no campfires, at least until we get some rain.

Ford’s Cove from Middle Bench Trail.

Eleanora Laffin’s quilt show.

20140807buckStopsHere2 20140807buckStopsHere3
The buck stops here.

And another lovely Phipp’s Point sunset closes the day.

Hornby In July 2014

Seal at sunset. Phipp’s Point

Canada Day, hosted by the Thatch Pub. Fireworks by Hornby Island Fire & Rescue
20140701CanadaDayThatch 20140701CanadaDayFireworks2 20140701CanadaDayFireworks

New deer gate for the deck. Note nasturtiums  coming up nicely.20140718deerGateNewChairs

Island Gallery Art Show July 9, 2014
20140709islandGalleryArtShow 20140709islandGalleryArtShow2

Hornby Island Arts Council hosted their first open-air show of the year. Bellydancers!


A solid week of hot and sunny inspires trips to the ocean for a swim. Grassy Point Community Park has a beautiful beach.Grassy Point Community Park